moriarty elementary natalie dormer 'Elementary' EP: Moriarty not back this year, but Mycroft and Lestrade areAt the 2014 TCA press tour panel for CBS drama showrunners, “Elementary” executive producer Rob Doherty teased a few guest stars yet to come this season — but, unfortunately, said Moriarty won’t return beyond the episode in which she appeared a couple weeks ago.

“We could not adore [Natalie Dormer] more. Ehe was really the only person we had in
mind [for Moriarty],” says Doherty. “We unfortunately will not have a
second crack at her this year. She’s very in demand. Early in the year we identified a window where we could have her and we took advantage of that.”

But the show would love to get her back in the future if they can work it out, since Moriarty is such a big part of Sherlock’s dark backstory.

“We were excited to tell the story of a Moriarty that was devious enough to romance him and break him down. … I was drawn to the idea of a broken Sherlock Holmes, not meeting a
Holmes who is at the highest heights,” Doherty says. “A guy who … has gone
through a personal trauma, and is now trying very hard to get back to
where he was. That meant giving him a history with addiction and drug
use. It’s hard not to have a little darkness in the show if that’s your
starting point.”

But never fear fans — Doherty does say that both Rhys Ifans as Mycroft Holmes and Sean Pertwee as Inspector Lestrade will be returning later this year.

“Elementary” airs on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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