lucy liu jonny lee miller elementary poll 'Elementary' series premiere poll: Will you return to the scene of the crime next week?Sherlock Holmes solved his first case on tonight’s (Sept. 27) debut of “Elementary” on CBS.
Before it even aired, “Elementary” drew criticism for imitating “Sherlock,” the wildly popular modern adaption starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

But as Conan Doyle’s consulting detective himself pointed out, “It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence.”

So now that you’ve seen the CBS procedural, how do you think it ranks among the countless adaptations of the Victorian classic?

As we noted in our review, we think “Elementary” will be a deserving hit, especially because of Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu’s captivating performances as recovering addict Holmes and Watson, his haunted — and female — “sober companion.”

So what’s your verdict? Vote in our poll and sound off about the show in the comments.

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