“Elementary” Season 1 is coming to DVD with a bunch of extras. One of those extras is the featurette, “A Holmes of Their Own.” Watch Lucy Liu talk about characters — especially Watson — in this exclusive video preview.

In the video, Liu talks about her first impressions of the “Elementary” characters from when she got the earliest scripts. Needless to say, she was impressed. The actress also discusses the kind of research she does in order to get ready for playing a new character.

What are some of the highlights?

Liu was strongly impressed that the creators of “Elementary” were willing to let Holmes be a full-on drug addict (albeit a recovering one).
“I think the simpler you play a character, sometimes, the better.” This seems like it would make sense.
The fact that someone got Lucy Liu to sit outside and give an interview when snow was falling is just plain impressive. It looks kind of cool too.

This video will be available as part of “Elementary – The First Season on DVD,” starting on Aug. 27. “Elementary” Season 2 premieres Thursday, Sept. 26 at 10pm on CBS.

Posted by:Laurel Brown