What the heck does “eleveneleven” mean?

For days
now, we’ve been wondering what’s behind the meaning of the nebulous
name choice for Ellen DeGeneres‘ new record label, eleveneleven.
Well, she evidently got asked by enough inquiring minds that she decided
to give us the 411 via
Friday (May 28) morning:

A lot of people have been
asking me about the name of my new record label, eleveneleven. This is
what it means: http://su.pr/1NBAze

]]> 2) She found the first artist she signed to her new record label, Greyson Michael Chance, on the 11th.
3) Chance happens to be number 11 on his soccer team. “I’ve got to fix my clocks, by the way,” she adds. Follow Zap2it, Zap2itChristine on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news.

Posted by:Christine Law