Ellen DeGeneres appeared on “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday (Nov. 6), admitting it would likely be her last visit before host Jay Leno retired from the late-night mainstay for the second time this coming February. With that in mind, the two spent their time together reminiscing about her 31 (!) previous appearances.‬

‪After taking a look at some of DeGeneres’ more questionable fashion choices throughout the years, Leno brought up a time when the two shared a kiss. “That was one of the great kisses of all time,” the‬ host admitted. DeGeneres seemed flustered by the memory, asking, “Why did we kiss?”

“You were overcome,” Leno joked.

DeGeneres stuck around through the commercial break and, in the second segment, got a bit more sentimental with the venerable host. “I really want to say something sincerely to you,” she started. “You have been so kind to me over the years and we met a long, long time ago doing stand up. You were so supportive all the time … Actually, Jay is responsible for me being booked on ‘The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson’ because you told the booker to stay at the Improv and watch me … So, thank you for everything you’ve done. You’re amazing. You’re a good guy. You really are.”

Leno appeared genuinely touched by DeGeneres’ praise, which she followed up by presenting her pal with a silly retirement gift. “I brought you a going away gift,” she said. “He wears jeans and a jean shirt every single day … This is because you’re going to be at home more, relaxing and retired. I brought you a denim snuggie.

“That’s very nice,” Leno laughed. “That’s fantastic. I gotta put that on.”

After modeling the goofy gift, he admitted his crew had found footage of the kiss the two had once shared, giving viewers the chance to relive the moment. After the clip ran, Leno asked DeGeneres for one final kiss, which she happily obliged.

Be sure to check out the clip above, which features DeGeneres’ gift and her final kiss with Leno.

Posted by:Billy Nilles