Apparently traumatizing her writer Amy Rhodes and executive producer Andy Lassner with a trip through “The Walking Dead” Universal Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights maze wasn’t enough for Ellen DeGeneres. As a follow-up to that haunted adventure, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” host decided to send her employees to preview another Halloween haunted area.

This time she sent Lassner and Rhodes to Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor to walk through the Circus Maze, and their responses were even better than for “The Walking Dead.” From Rhodes screaming, “We’re being attacked by mimes!” to Lassner running as fast as he could back through the maze to get away from actors dressed to terrify them, it’s clear that this maze showed them what fear really is.

DeGeneres, of course, couldn’t have been more pleased by the whole endeavor. Hopefully she was the one who requested the Queen Mary scare actors terrorize her employees more than they usually do to guests, because the entire event was worth it for Lassner screaming at one monster, “Stop it you f***ing weirdo!”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz