Ellen DeGeneres has rarely shied away from social activism in her career, and now she’s taking a stand on another pressing issue of our day: the epidemic of overly long, overly padded reality shows.

On Monday (March 21), she kicked off a campaign against two-hour reality shows, hoping to lead a nation back to a time where we only have to waste 60 minutes, not 120, on “The Celebrity Apprentice” and “The Bachelor.” Of the former, she says, “You’ve assembled the craziest cast ever, but what’s crazier than that is making me spend two hours of my Sunday watching your show when I should be playing with my niece, Whatshername. I used to know her name … before I started watching.”

How many more Tuesdays must we spend trapped in front of the TV, watching an episode of “The Biggest Loser” that in no way needs to be stretched to two hours, while relatives go un-picked up at the airport?

DeGeneres has been there: As a judge on “American Idol” last season, she was part of numerous two-hour episodes, to say nothing of heavily padded, hour-long-and-occasionally-a-few-minutes-more results shows. Since leaving “Idol,” however, she’s cleaned up her act and keeps her daytime show at a totally manageable one hour.

So let’s join Ellen in her campaign. Together, by not watching the typically useless first hour of these shows, we can make a difference.

Posted by:Rick Porter