Yes, Ellen DeGeneres really did frantically stuff marshmallows into Nicole Richie’s mouth.

On Thursday (Oct. 9), Richie stops by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to chat about her new season of “Candidly Nicole” — a scripted-slash-reality look at Richie’s daily life — but ends up with a mouth full of fluffy sugar.

In an effort to break the record for the most marshmallows stuffed into an “Ellen” guest’s mouth in 45 seconds — which, apparently, is a real thing — DeGeneres and Richie work together to make their marshmallow dreams come true. And even though the ex-“Simple Life” star is a newbie to the challenge, she has some advice for the host.

“Okay, wait, can I tell you a trick?” asks Richie. “I think you gotta shove them to the side [of my mouth] so I have some storage.”

Apparently Richie’s trick works because she ends up being awarded a beautiful marshmallow-inspired crown and sash.

Who do you think DeGeneres should do the marshmallow challenge with next?

Posted by:Casey Rackham