Sofia Vergara has no problem baring it all. The “Modern Family” star posted some very flattering photos while on vacation in Mexico and seemed to love showing off her best assets on social media.

The behind-baring pic caught Ellen DeGeneres‘ attention. On the Feb. 4 episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the talk show host asks Vergara about why she posted the images.

“I was impressed with myself,” Vergara explains. “I’m 41, and you don’t take for granted that.”

DeGeneres also asks Vergara about the rumor that she’s having multiple weddings with fiancé Nick Loeb. Vergara shoots down the claim, admitting, “I haven’t even planned something. … I don’t know what to do because either I do something really big or I do something really small.”

At least DeGeneres had the bachelorette party aspect ready for Vergara. In a bit that Vergara was clearly terrified over, DeGeneres had a man come out and present the bride-to-be with her favorite coffee before taking off his shirt and grinding in front of her. Vergara didn’t seem to be complaining.

sofia vergara ellen degeneres stripper Ellen DeGeneres terrifies Sofia Vergara with male stripper gift   Watch

The pair did another adorable bit where they showed their “German Cover Girl” commercial for bombshell mascara. In a word, it’s amazing.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz