Bryan Fuller has an idea for a “Pushing Daisies” movie, but it doesn’t seem like he’s actually going to get around to making a Kickstarter for it any time soon. Maybe it’s because he has to focus on “Hannibal’s” second season or maybe he’s just concerned that there wouldn’t be enough interest to make the necessary amount of money if he did decide to fund a Kickstarter, but “Pushing Daisies” star Ellen Greene thinks fans should be the ones to push him to make the movie.

“Tell him to start a Kickstarter or the musical,” the woman behind Aunt Vivian tells Zap2it on the 2013 Saturn Awards red carpet. “I do think the fans of … ‘Pushing Daisies’ should really go on his Twitter and bother him and tell him they want what they want.” She adds, “I love being Vivian.”

Greene confirms that Fuller already wrote his idea for a zombie “Pushing Daisies” movie. He previously revealed of the plot that it starts with “a flash-flood in a cemetery and basically is about those denizens of that cemetery having to kill Ned before he can kill them, so it’s a different kind of zombie movie.” Greene, who has read the script, promises that the zombie premise will work for the potential film.

“Everything Bryan Fuller sets out to do works. You may not understand in it at first, but you just believe. You believe,” she says. “Bryan Fuller is such a genius and he’s such a gift to artistry. And he’s also kind. He’s a wonderful human being.”

Even though “Pushing Daisies” went off the air in 2009, Fuller still found a way to work with Greene by giving her a role on “Hannibal.” He already told her that her character Mrs. Komeda will be back in Season 2.

“To be in Bryan Fuller’s brain is like a delightful romp in imagination. He is magic. His characters have such detail. His shows have such attention to detail. His characters are in everything from the character development to editing to music. He cares about everything,” Greene gushes. “If you get scared of gore, just remember that it’s Bryan Fuller doing it — and it’s not real.”

If you miss “Pushing Daisies” as much as we here at Zap2it do, watch the above video to see Greene slip into an Aunt Vivian impression. It’s adorable.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz