ellen page juggle Ellen Page can totally juggle, homeskilletNot only is Ellen Page a lovely and talented actress who gamely holds her own on screen opposite Michael Cera, Leonardo DiCaprio and a horde of rolly derby chicks (including scary Juliette Lewis, eeks!) — but it turns out the 24-year-old Canadian can also juggle. Yes, yes — career and personal life and whatnot. But what we’re talking about here is actual fruit. Two oranges and a grapefruit, to be specific about it:

Why the juggling? We don’t know. We’re just glad she did.

So the next time you refer to Page as “that chick from ‘Juno’,” remember the 34 seconds you just spent watching a true juggler juggle. And know that Ellen Page can juggle better than James Franco can host the Oscars.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson