“Elysium” already has sci-fi fans buzzing simply because it’s the second film from “District 9” director Neill Blomkamp, but this new extended trailer should kick the excitement up even higher.

The epic-looking futuristic drama stars Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Alice Braga, Diego Luna and “District 9’s” breakout actor Sharlto Copley in the story of a society divided into haves (who live on a Utopian space station) and have-nots (who remain down on Earth).

While “District 9” impressed audiences on a relatively limited $30 million budget, it’ll be interesting to see what Blomkamp does with a budget reportedly three times that size. From the looks of this trailer, he may have outdone expectations.

He also has a high standard of quality to live up to. “District 9” is one of the rare sci-fi films to earn a Best Picture Oscar nomination.

Posted by:gberkshire