emily osment young and hungry abc family Emily Osment on 'Young & Hungry' summer finale: 'Something magical definitely happens'

In the summer finale of “Young & Hungry” Josh’s birthday coincides with his wedding, which has been suddenly bumped up six months. He finds himself trying to deal with the stress, and Gabi realizes her feelings for him are stronger than she thought when she allows his fiance to take credit for Gabi’s thoughtful birthday present. 

“This finale is one of my favorite episodes that we’ve written for Season 1. It gives you everything you want and everything you don’t want all at once,” Emily Osment tells Zap2it. “Gabi is feeling a little insecure about [Josh’s] choice and doesn’t know if she wants him to get married because she obviously still has some feelings for him.” 
The tension between Josh and Gabi has been amped up over the 10 season arc, with many “Will they or won’t they?” moments and awkward situations as the two try to navigate their feelings for each other — and their current life situations. 
“I’m excited for the audience see Gabi mature a little bit in this episode. She makes some really hard decisions,” Osment explains. “he’s grown up a lot in the 10 episodes and it’s really cool to watch.” 

When pressed about the finale Osment doesn’t give away any big details, but insists it is definitely an episode to watch. “I cried when I read it because it’s so good and it makes so much sense. They tie it up in a way where you’re like ‘Wait, no, what’s going to happen now?’ It leaves you on this giant cliffhanger so the next half of the season can go any way you want it to go.” 
“I can’t wait to see what the reaction will be,” Osment gushes. “Something magical definitely happens.” 

“Young & Hungry” caps off it’s summer season on Aug. 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.
Posted by:Megan Vick