eminem arrested concert gi Eminem fans arrested after Ireland Slate Castle performance

Eminem‘s fans got a bit too rowdy while he was performing in Ireland. More than 50 concertgoers were handcuffed for committing “public order offenses” and crimes including assault and consuming illegal drugs.

Irish newspaper The Journal claims that 63 people out of the 80,000 who were at the Slane Castle concert were arrested. According to police, that number isn’t massive, but instead “very much in line” with events of this size.

Five of the arrests were said to be for assault, 35 were for minor drug offenses, one was for drunk driving and the other 22 were public order offenses. All concertgoers were subjected to three search stages before they were allowed inside the event, and there was a major presence from local law enforcement, private security guards and the Coast Guard.

This comes not long after Eminem released his first new song in years, “Survival,” which will be featured on the soundtrack for “Call of Duty: Ghost.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz