emmy awards category changes Emmy Awards 2014 category switch up: Miniseries and TV movies get more loveThe Emmys are getting a makeover in 2014. Among the several changes taking place in the awards categories, the Outstanding Miniseries or TV Movie category is being split in two.

That’s a return to the way the Emmys used to operate — miniseries and TV movies were combined in 2011 after a decline in those types of programming. Splitting them again makes a lot of sense, though considering the onslaught of miniseries, event series and limited series over the past year. Now projects like “True Detective,” “Fargo” and “24: Live Another Day” can compete among themselves instead of against TV movies like “Behind The Candelabra.”
The change won’t apply to the entire miniseries/movie field, however. The rest of the categories (acting, writing and directing) will remain united, but will be adding an extra nominee. That means six candidates will be up for each award category instead of five.
Also being split is the Outstanding Reality Program category, which
will allow for a wider variety of shows in the ever-expanding unscripted field
to be honored. The two new categories will be Outstanding Structured Reality Program (like “Mythbusters”) and Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program (like “Duck Dynasty”).

Other changes include allowing up to seven nominees in the outstanding drama and comedy series categories; the Outstanding Technical Direction/Camerawork/Video category becoming an area award (meaning more than one person can win), and there will be six nominees; and the award for Outstanding Voiceover Performance splitting into two categories, one for character performances and one for narrators.

The 2014 Emmy Awards are set for Aug. 25. Do you like the changes?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz