Shemar-Moore-Criminal-Minds.jpgSeveral months ago, Shemar Moore of CBS’ “Criminal Minds” walked into an audition. He had learned his lines, rehearsed and worked with his acting coach.

“I went in the room, and I think I did a pretty good job,” he tells Zap2it. “They’re like, ‘Great, so, how many Facebook followers do you have?’ I’m like, ‘What? Either I’m right for this role, or I’m not.’ And they really cared.

“It’s scary to me. I’m 43 years old, and when I got into the business, there was no TMZ, no Perez Hilton; there was no Media TakeOut. None of this gossip, media, instant. Literally if I decide I’m out of toilet paper or orange juice, and I get in my car — and I don’t mean this to sound ego-based — but it’s like, ‘Is somebody going to see me? What am I wearing? Is somebody going to take a picture of me or meet me at the gas station and then post me on the Internet?’ Then somebody’s going to spin a story out of it.

“It’s a weird thing, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook. There’s all this stuff now, and I’m playing the game. I’m still not quite sure I know what I’m doing. I know how to post a picture and say some corny stuff.”

Apparently, Moore has done well enough in this brief time on Twitter and Facebook that CBS has asked him to be the social-media ambassador for its broadcast of the 65th Annual Emmy Awards on Sunday (Sept. 22).

“I’m going to be behind the scenes,” he says, “and on the red carpet, just bum-rushing and kissing celebrities and getting into their Kool-Aid, asking questions. I’ve never been to a Primetime Emmys. I’ve been blessed to be at the Daytime Emmys, but I’m on a primetime show. We haven’t yet been nominated. For CBS to say they want me to come and represent us, it’s very exciting. I’m nervous as all get out, because I want to do a good job.”

About a year ago, Moore could never have imagined he’d be a social-media anything.

“I just thought, ‘All my guy friends are on Facebook, looking at hot chicks.’ I was like, ‘I’m not trying to get on MySpace and Facebook to meet a hot chick,” he says. “I might bump into one in the grocery store or at the airport, sitting on a train, something, just in real life. I’m not doing it, especially with Manti Te’o and all this, what do they call that, catfishing? I’m not going to get set up like that.’

“That is not going to happen. My future children are not going to say, ‘Hey, how did you meet Mom?’ ‘Oh, she sent me a picture of her in a thong on Facebook.’ That’s not it. I’m sure it happens all the time; it’s not going to happen to me, let’s put it that way.”

Moore also uses social media to promote his new clothing brand, Baby Girl — named after the pet name his “Criminal Minds” character, FBI Agent Derek Morgan, has for his team’s tech wizard, Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) — and his efforts to raise money to battle multiple sclerosis, which his mother has had for 15 years.

On this particular evening, Moore is blending all his current interests..

“I’m sitting here picking out Baby Girl products to add to my whole social-media thing I’m doing to raise money for MS,” he says. “I went for a bike ride this morning, trying to get my old a** in shape, so I can ride 100 miles in three weeks to raise money and make Mama proud.

“I’m doing my kicking down doors at ‘Criminal Minds’; I’m getting ready for the Emmys. I’ve got a lot going on, which is good and exciting.”

Of course, when you put yourself out there on social media, interesting things can happen.

Justin Bieber fans are my fans now,” he says. “One Direction fans are my fans now, which is a little weird, because it’s just these little youngsters. They’re tuning into ‘Criminal Minds’ because they like what I’m about, and they like the Baby Girl brand.”

Asked if he’s a father figure to them, Moore says, “Yeah … I don’t want to be ‘father’ yet. I’m Uncle Shemar.”

Oh, and by the way, he just got fitted for his John Varvatos tuxedo. It won’t be black, but Moore is going for a bow tie.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare