aaron paul supporting actor win Emmys 2014: Aaron Paul wins Outstanding Supporting Actor, shouts out Kind Campaign

Aaron Paul topped off the final season of “Breaking Bad” with his third Emmy win as Walter White’s right-hand man Jesse Pinkman. Paul accepted his award at the 66th Emmy Awards over fellow nominees that included Peter Dinklage ( “Game of Thrones”) and Jon Voight ( “Ray Donovan” ). 

Paul’s first order of business was calling out the amazing work done by his co-nominees. “Can we please have another round of applause for Jim Carter, Josh Charles, Peter Dinklage, Jon Voight and Mandy Patinkin?” Paul requests. “I know I can speak for everyone in this room when I say we are so happy that you found this gift inside you guys and decided to share it with us, so thank you.” 
When thanking his cast and crew for one of the most well-respected dramas of all time, Paul was not surprisingly emotional. “[‘Breaking Bad’] has changed my life and I am standing up here because of one man — and that is Vince Gilligan. Thank you so much, Vince. Thank you for believing in me, for trusting in me to play this guy. I miss him. I love him,” Paul says. “The best cast and crew I have ever worked with before. Bryan — there’s not a single day that goes by that I do not miss running to work, to be able to work opposite of you, my friend. I have learned so much on screen and off. Thank you. Thank you — cast, I love you guys.” 
Paul ends his speech by calling out a good cause. His wife, Lauren Parsekian, runs a non-profit called Kind Campaign, which aims to eradicate girl-on-girl bullying. “Thank you for marrying me,” Paul gushes. “Thank you for dedicating your life to spread kindness across the world. We all appreciate it. If you guys don’t know what she does look up Kind Campaign. Do yourself and your children a favor — Kind Campaign. Thanks so much.” 
Posted by:Megan Vick