arrow season 2 emmy nomination snub stunt coordination cw Emmys 2014: 'Arrow' fails to get a stunt nomination, invalidates the awards

There were plenty of snubs when the 2014 Emmy Award nominations were announced on Thursday (July 10). But one snub was particularly shocking to anyone who had paid attention over the past year: “Arrow” was not nominated for the stunt coordination Emmy.

This is not to say that the shows nominated failed on the stunt front. “Game of Thrones” in particular is an excellent choice for Emmy-worthy stunt-work. The rest of the nominees — “Grimm,” “Hawaii Five-0,” “Revolution,” “The Blacklist” and “True Blood” — all had their good stunt moments too.

“Arrow,” however, left them all in the dust on a weekly basis. And it got nothing.

There are likely a few reasons for this. First and foremost, “Arrow” airs on a network called The CW. While a few CW shows are deemed award-worthy in technical categories (and only technical categories — don’t hold your breath for actors or writers), they are extremely under-represented. If “Arrow” were on another network, it seems unlikely that voters would have missed this seemingly obvious choice.

Another reason might be in the nature of the stunts. For “Arrow,” much of the stunt-work involves straight-up fighting and dimly lit leaps. Standard procedural sequences, monsters and wars are more noticeable as stunts. “Arrow” shines in those areas that are easily missed.

One final reason for the “Arrow” snub? The show makes its incredible stunts look easy. When you have a star like Stephen Amell — who posts vacation videos of himself in parkour gyms — and a legendary coordinator like James Bamford, it’s easy to miss how much skill goes into the stunts. Oliver Queen makes it look easy to scale walls, defeat enemies in a myriad of ways, leap out of windows, etc.

Perhaps “Arrow” is just too good for the Emmys in this case. Any other reason just seems silly.

Posted by:Laurel Brown