the-good-wife-CBS-emmy-nominations-2014.jpgAs with any awards show nominations, many deserving shows and actors receive accolades and recognition. But since there are a finite number of nominees in each category, there are also shows left out in the cold. For me, the worst of these omissions was “The Good Wife” from the Outstanding Drama Series category.

“The Good Wife” is coming off what a lot of critics, this one included, consider its strongest season to date. In fact, it’s a series that has accomplished the rare feat of getting better with each passing season, which is not something you see in a lot of shows. But it hasn’t received a series nomination since Season 2.

Meanwhile, two recipients of Outstanding Drama Series nominations, “House of Cards” and “Downton Abbey,” are riding some kind of baffling good will from their first seasons, since their offerings this past television season were not only sub-par compared to their past efforts, but nowhere near at the level of “The Good Wife’s” fifth season.

Both “Cards” and “Downton” were just OK in their respective seasons this year, bordering on absurd at times — President Underwood? Robert’s Eleven pull off a heist on Prince Edward? —  whereas “The Good Wife” managed to reinvent itself in an exciting way that felt organic and also killed off a series regular in a senseless act of random violence, which is something that happens in people’s lives all the time and allowed the show to explore the way sudden loss and overwhelming grief and regret affect survivors.

Sure, “The Good Wife” got four acting nominations — Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles, Christine Baranski and Dylan Baker — which is more than a lot shows received. However, the drama series snub stings. If all the nominees were so outstanding that you couldn’t possibly choose one you would bump in favor of “The Good Wife,” that would be be one thing. But that isn’t the case here and it makes me wonder if the Emmy voters even watch the shows they are considering.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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