jim parsons emmys 2014 red carpet Emmys 2014: Jim Parsons steals Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy

Jim Parsons picks up his fourth Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series award this evening at the 66th Emmy Awards. 

“The Big Bang Theory” actor was the only network role nominated in the category and took out stiff competition that included Matt LeBlanc ( “Episodes” ), Ricky Gervais ( “Derek” ), Don Cheadles ( “House of Lies” ), William H. Macy ( “Shameless” )and Louis C.K. ( “Louie” ) — the latter of which was a critic favorite to win. 
Parsons is very humble when accepting his award though and paid special tribute to his fellow nominees as soon as he got to the stage, “I want to start off by saying something to the other nominees in the category:

“To say that I watch your work and that I feel inspired is a bit of an understatement,” Parson admits. “I watch you work, all of you, and I see people doing things I couldn’t do. I see people doing things I wouldn’t do. I see people doing things, in all seriousness, that are so divergent, and all over the place and all of us doing such different things that I do pray to do someday, I really do.

“That’s the landscape we live in and this is all a long way of saying that there’s no accounting for taste.  And through a lot of good fortune, I stand up here tonight.”
Parsons also takes a moment to thank his departed father for always encouraging him as he was growing up. “I want to thank someone that I have never thanked before, partly because he died shortly before all of this craziness started. That is my father, Mickey Parsons,” the actor says. “He always encouraged me to be an actor. He never discouraged me and in a job that is so much about confidence, that was a real gift. “

Posted by:Megan Vick