bryan cranston julia louis dreyfus kiss Emmys 2014: Julia Louis Dreyfus kissed by Bryan Cranston after 'Veep' winThe 66th primetime Emmy Awards might be on a Monday, but they are certainly not boring. Julia Louis-Dreyfus won a predictable Outstanding Actress in a Comedy award for “Veep,” but she was congratulated in a most unexpected way. Her fellow Emmy nominee Bryan Cranston kissed her incredibly passionately as she was walking onto the stage as a nod to their arc on “Seinfeld” together.

Even if the moment wasn’t scripted, Louis-Dreyfus went along with the intense make out session in an absolutely hilarious way. It was a reference to Cranston previously bringing up their “Seinfeld” storyline while they presented an award, and Louis-Dreyfus pretending she didn’t remember. Well, she certainly does remember now. When asked about the impromptu make out session in the press room, Louis-Dreyfus jokes, “It was pretty good, I think. He went for it, man. I appreciate that. He goes for it in everything he does.”
She confirms that both of their spouses were on board with the idea, though. “I asked my husband if he was okay with that and he said ‘sure,’ Bryan checked with his wife and she said ‘sure.'” Cranston was also asked about why he wanted to do the smooch in the press room, answering, “Well, I think it’s not a question of why, but more a question of why not.” He was also informed the photos and video of the kiss were going viral. “You’re saying that she has a virus that I wasn’t aware of?” he asks.
The “Breaking Bad” star didn’t get a shoutout in Louis-Dreyfus’ acceptance speech, but the cast and showrunner of “Veep” did, as well as HBO. “This show is very dense, as you might notice, and it’s a huge labor of love. Every labor of love takes a lot of labor — a lot of labor, this one particularly — so I really want to thank everybody on the show for having such extraordinary grace under pressure, and for having so much fun. Thank you, thank you and thank you,” she says.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz