louie emmy sarah baker louis ck fx Emmys 2014: Louis C.K. thanks snubbed Sarah Baker for 'Louie' writing winLouis C.K. earned a well-deserved win for “Louie” at the 66th primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series. The episode that earned him Emmy gold was “So Did The Fat Lady,” which gave his co-star Sarah Baker time to shine.

That’s why it was so fitting that C.K. immediately recognize Baker when he took to the stage to accept the award. “Thank you, that’s very nice. I appreciate that,” he says in his acceptance speech. “I want to thank Sarah Baker, who played the main role in the episode.”
C.K. went on to thank everyone else from his FX producers to Conan O’Brien, who gave him his first job. “I really appreciate this very much. Thank you,” he concludes.
In the press room, C.K. continued to sing the praises of Baker, saying, “She’s so great. Sarah was amazing. It was very hard, we had to do it all in one take, this long scene that she did and she just made it seem so real. It’s the kind of thing where you have a long speech and to make it sound like a speech hurts it. So you try to make it sound like you’re really talking and she nailed that. She did it with so much empathy.”
There was some disappointment that Baker was snubbed a nomination for her role in “So Did The Fat Lady,” so C.K.’s recognition should soothe that wound somewhat. Here’s a look at her most outstanding moment in that episode:

Posted by:Terri Schwartz