seth meyers hosting emmy awards 2014 Emmys 2014: How did Seth Meyers do as host?
This may be Seth Meyers’ first time hosting an award show, but the “Saturday Night Live”  vet has been around the block more than once when it comes to snappy jokes and handing out trophies to Hollywood. In fact, he was nominated for this year’s Emmys for his guest writing of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s Golden Globes material — and we all know they are the queen bees of hosting. 
How did he fare when having to deliver the jokes himself, though? We graded his entire performance for you. 

The Monologue

Meyers kept it short and very funny with his opening monologue. There were big laughs that didn’t make anyone feel guilty for laughing like awards hosts Ricky Gervais and Seth MacFarlane (Golden Globes and Oscars, respectively) have done in the past. Meyers’ main target was network television and the recent trend for critically-acclaimed shows to kill off their main characters — we are looking at you “Game of Thrones.” 
Meyers’ monologue was sharp and so well put together — definitely his shining moment of the night. You can watch his entire monologue below.

The Billy Eichner short
Seth called upon “Funny or Die’s Billy on the Street” host Billy Eichner for a special short that aired during the ceremony. It was just the right kind of energy perk the crowd needed after the first hour of endless award calling. Billy lead the way, screaming at random New Yorkers about snubs and their knowledge of Emmy nominees. 
The four-minute video’s highlight is definitely Eichner exclaiming into his microphone “Dinklage versus Patinkin!” but had consistent laughs throughout. Props to Seth Meyers for following through on his own advice to get out of the way of the show’s momentum. 

It wasn’t Meyers’ strongest moment, but he gets definite points for changing up the energy of the show and letting Eichner make fun of him to random strangers. 

The 66th Emmy Awards clocked in at 3 hours — which is the absolute maximum amount of time an award show should last. Despite handing out a plethora of awards over various categories. the show didn’t drag as you’d expect an awards ceremony of its length to do — and that is in big part to Seth Meyers. 
After the monologue, Meyers played it light with his appearances. Besides the Eichner short, he had only a handful of other appearances or bits just to keep things fresh. His “True Detective” joke set with Amy Poehler and Weird Al introduction with Andy Samberg were fun and ended before heading into tedious territory. Otherwise he kept it to short and snappy when introducing presenters. Meyers knows that the audience in the theater just want to get to their after parties and the audience at home would like to go to bed sooner rather than later, so he kept his promise not to inundate us with his face. Thank you, sir. 

While Meyers’ didn’t reach the epic hostness of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (and honestly, that’s an impossible standard to reach anyway) he definitely ranked as one of the best hosts in recent memory. The jokes were funny without broaching on awkward. He wasn’t too soft and wasn’t afraid to self-deprecate (ripping on his own network NBC has long been a hobby of his). 
Despite having to host the Emmys on a Monday, Meyers did a good job of making an enjoyable award show that kept it moving and made us laugh. We’ll give him a solid A for a job well done. 
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Posted by:Megan Vick