sofia vergara emmys 2014 sexism gi Emmys 2014: Sofia Vergara calls 'sexist' claims 'ridiculous'

Chances are “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara didn’t expect to be defending her comedic bit at the 66th primetime Emmy Awards, but that’s exactly what she ended up doing.
Vergara introduced president of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Bruce Rosenblum for a segment on the show, then proceeded to stand on a rotating pedestal while he spoke. After spinning on the platform, Vergara jokes, “That’s why I stopped doing car shows.”
Back in the press room, after “Modern Family” won the award for Outstanding Comedy Series, Vergara was asked to respond to the claims of sexism and objectification of women, which some media outlets like Jezebel and Salon pointed out.
“I think it’s absolutely the opposite. It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself,” she says. “I absolutely think it’s ridiculous. Somebody who started this, and I know who she was, has absolutely no sense of humor.”
It’s not clear exactly who Vergara was addressing in her answer, but she seems more than happy with the segment.
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