enlightened canceled hbo 'Enlightened' came to 'a natural resting place,' HBO saysHBO explained its decision to cancel “Enlightened” to the press Thursday (July 25). It had partly to with the show’s ratings, which didn’t move much in Season 2, but also with how the season ended — just right, in the opinion of HBO Programming head Michael Lombardo.

“I think the most important element to not going forward was we felt creatively, the story of Amy Jellicoe [Laura Dern] had come to a natural resting place,” Lombardo says. “We thought it was best to end it where we did. It wasn’t a financial decision per se, it was about choices and a creative decision about it had worked beautifully. It felt we should end where we ended it.”

Lombardo does acknowledge, though, that ratings were a factor. “Some of it was about seeing a show that didn’t grow in its second year,” he says. “It had not as robust ratings as we had hoped for, because we think it’s a beautiful show, and the second year even elevated in terms of creativity.”

What do you think? Do you feel like “Enlightened” ended in a good spot?

Posted by:Rick Porter