On FOX’s Friday comedy “Enlisted,” Chris Lowell plays Cpl. Derrick Hill, the
middle brother of three — Geoff Stults plays the oldest brother, Pete; and
Parker Young plays baby brother Randy — all stationed at the same Army base in

Luckily for show creator Kevin Biegel, both brotherly love and sibling rivalry broke out almost immediately.
“Kevin had this pipe dream of what he wanted the chemistry to look like,” Lowell, decked out in full fatigues on the show’s Los Angeles set, tells Zap2it. “He created these archetypes that he was hoping these actors would fall into, and then when the three of us first got together, it was just frightening how quickly we just adopted those roles.
“We quickly transcended our lines and became who we were with each other all the time. Being on set is almost like being stuck in a house when you’re growing up with your brothers. Oftentimes, they’re driving me freaking crazy, and I just want to drop-kick them in the teeth.
“Then other times, I feel such a love and connection for them, it almost sneaks up on me. Why am I feeling sympathy for these people? I can’t stand these people. Oh, yeah, I actually love them deeply. It drives me crazy, but I do. There’s a lot of that going on inside my head.”
On this particular day on set, a “safety video” involving grease and empty barrels is being shot. It reminds Lowell of his own misspent youth.
“I feel so sorry for the people I grew up with,” he says. “I had the video yearbook at my school, so I just filmed everything. I was like Wes Bentley in ‘American Beauty,’ except for I wasn’t attractive, and I did not have sex with Thora Birch at the end of it.”
Birth date: Oct. 17, 1984, in Atlanta
School cred: Atlanta International School, University of Southern California
Music cred: Plays harmonica and piano and does vocals for an indie band called Two Shots for Poe
TV cred: “Work That Room,” “Life as We Know It,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Veronica Mars,” “Private Practice”
Movie cred: “Spin” (2007), “Up in the Air” (2009), “The Help” (2011), “Love and Honor” (2013), “Brightest Star” (2013)
Behind-the-scenes cred: Director and co-writer (with Mohit Narang) of “Beside Still Waters” (2013)
Favorite book: “‘A Moveable Feast,’ by Hemingway. I think it’s a great book for artists to read. It’s all about [Ernest] Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein and T.S. Eliot and Ezra Pound, when they’re all broke and lost and have no idea what they’re going to do with their lives,and they’re just trying to make it work. I feel like it’s an inspiring book, and anything written about Paris is good.”
Favorite music: “Probably Van Morrison. My mom and I used to listen to Van Morrison a lot when I was growing up. I could listen to that until I’m blue in the face, especially because it’s so much fun trying to figure out what the hell he’s saying.”
Favorite movie: “The movie that my friends and I watch all the time is ‘Jules and Jim,’ because it’s so frickin’ charming and romantic, and it’s about Paris. It’s so romantic, young and Bohemian. It’s the only uplifting [European] film. Normally it’s dark, like ‘The Bicycle Thief.’ This one’s got so much life to it and happiness.”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare