angelique cabral enlisted pilot nbc two to go gi 'Enlisted' star Angelique Cabral books lead NBC comedy pilot 'Two to Go'Here is your weekly reminder to watch “Enlisted,” FOX’s funniest sitcom of the season: Star Angelique Cabral, who plays Geoff Stults’ nemesis/frenemy/flirt buddy on the comedy, has booked a lead role in a new NBC comedy pilot.

According to Deadline, Cabral will star in “Two To Go,” a comedy about longtime best friends Kurt and Laura (Christine Woods), who struggle with “the challenges of modern-day dating” while their group of friends insist they should be together. Cabral will play Anne, the Pilates instructor wife to Echo Kellum’s stay-at-home dad Nick.

Before you fret: Yes, it is in second position to “Enlisted” so if the show is picked up and “Enlisted” is renewed, she’ll stay on the military comedy. And yes, this is a very common move for actors during their busiest staffing time of the year. But it’s still kind of a bummer to remember that so many people have not recognized the genius of the season’s best sitcom.

“Enlisted” airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT, in case you forgot.

Posted by:Jean Bentley