matt leblanc episodes season 3 'Episodes' Matt LeBlanc: 'Pucks!' future is bleak, but Season 4 is 'great'Matt LeBlanc‘s Showtime comedy “Episodes” has taken an interesting turn in Season 3, with new network head Castor Sotto (Chris Diamantopoulos) first moving “Pucks!” to the primetime graveyard that is Saturday night and then finally dumping it altogether.

LeBlanc tells Zap2it that we may not have seen the last of “Pucks!”, but as it marches towards death, the “Episodes” writers have some creative things in mind for Season 4.

“‘Pucks!’ is canceled and I’m going to be
able to do [Andrew Lesley’s] show, so I show up for the table read and as I’m about
to sit down, my phone rings and it’s my agent,” says LeBlanc. “Because Merc found out
that I got this pilot, he calls Elliot Salad and says, ‘Matt LeBlanc’s
doing that big pilot over at NBC and I wouldn’t wanna be the guy who
canceled a show and the star went across the street and had a hit,
wouldn’t wanna be that guy.

“So they pick up six more episodes of ‘Pucks!’ with no intention of
airing them. It gets pulled from the schedule, but we’re still in
production and we have to shoot them to fulfill my contract obligation,
to keep me from going and doing that other show. … That happens all the
time [in real life].”

“On the professional level,” LeBlanc continues, “it’s really frustrating to be in a show that
you’re the lead of and then as a result of audience testing, to have the
lead taken away from you and hardly being used, but really being
prohibited from doing anything else. That’s a very, very frustrating
place to be.”

But the “Pucks!” demise is inevitable, which LeBlanc says is really exciting as they look ahead to the fourth season.

“[The creators] are starting to brainstorm for Season 4 and they know where it goes,” he teases. “They have the bones of the season, but they haven’t started actually writing it. I’ve heard some ideas, it’s great.”

As for LeBlanc’s personal life on the show, he teases that while it may have started out in a good place in the third season, that isn’t going to last.

“It seems like everything gets worse this year. Personal life, the stalker thing … we see [the stalker] again at the mall, which is a turn you definitely don’t see coming and my reaction to it you definitely don’t see coming. I was so excited to shoot it, it’s just great,” says LeBlanc.

“Episodes” airs Sunday nights at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.

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