eric dickerson justin bieber ferrari gi Eric Dickerson to Justin Bieber: Slow your [bleep] down in that FerrariNFL great Eric Dickerson has a message for Justin Bieber and it’s not, “I love your music.” The former running back is the latest NFL player in Bieber’s exclusive Calabasas, Calif. neighborhood to complain about the pop icon’s reckless driving.

“I live in Calabasas too and @justinbieber needs to slow his a** down,” Dickerson tweets. Then he follows it up with a more personalized message:

After receiving a barrage of hate mail from Bieber’s “Beliebers,” Dickerson clarifies his stance on the “Beauty and a Beat” singer. “Just to be clear, I think @justinbieber is a talented young man. But as a parent of young kids the reckless driving concerns me,” tweets Dickerson. 

The Dickerson drama comes on the heels of another a report that former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson jumped in his Toyota Prius and chased Bieber down after the 19-year-old raced through their neighborhood in his white Ferrari. Bieber is not exactly making fans in his ‘hood. Another local claims the Biebs threatened and spit on him when he tried to confront the singer about his reckless driving.

Come on, Biebs. You’re an adult now. Time to grow up and follow the rules, alright?
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