columbus short scandal harrison wright Eric West replaces Columbus Short on 'Scandal'? Sorry, but noGladiators everywhere were buzzing about Deadline Hollywood‘s “Scandal” casting news that, instead of killing Columbus Short’s character of Harrison Wright after the actor’s exit, he would live on and be replaced with actor Eric West.

Before we could even wrap our heads around what that would mean for the ABC show, “Scandal” show creator Shonda Rimes quickly dispelled the rumors with a tweet about the news being false. 

Rimes followed it up with a tweet, saying, “Um @Deadline, handle yourself.”

Eric West spoke out via his Twitter as well saying simply “This is news to me.” 

Deadline has since updated its post calling it an elaborate hoax, but hasn’t taken the news down completely. This sounds like a fix-it job for Olivia Pope and Associates!   

Posted by:Sarah Huggins