escaping the prophet tlc 'Escaping the Prophet': Flora Jessop helps women escape polygamyTLC has taken on the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints — a.k.a. the FLDS, a polygamist sect run by the now-jailed Warren Jeffs — in its new series “Breaking the Faith,” and now the network is adding another series, “Escaping the Prophet,” to its lineup.

While “Breaking the Faith” follows a group of young people who left the church and are now adjusting to normal, “gentile” life, “Escaping the Prophet” focuses on families who must escape from their small, sheltered, extremely protected communities. The show follows Flora Jessop, who left the FLDS church when she was 15 and is now an advocate for abused children on a mission to take down what she believes is a dangerous polygamist cult, as she tries to usher families out of the community.

In Zap2it‘s exclusive sneak peek of the premiere, Flora visits Lenora, whose 15-year-old son has begun to abuse her. She wants to leave the FLDS with her children and enlists Flora’s help.

“Polygamy breeds two things: victims and abusers. Period. It takes away the identity of the females and makes men into gods,” Flora says. “As gods they can do whatever the hell they want to do and they believe that nobody has the right to hold them accountable.”

Check out the clip below. “Escaping the Prophet” premieres Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

Posted by:Jean Bentley