eva larue gi 320 Eva La Rue returning to 'All My Children' too“All My Children” has pulled in one more alumna of the series for a guest arc this summer.

Eva La Rue, who played Dr. Maria Santos Grey on the soap from 1993-97 and 2002-05, will return for a few episodes later this summer. She joins Josh Duhamel, who’s also making a brief return before the series leaves the air in September.

ABC isn’t tipping its hand about what brings Maria back to Pine Valley. La Rue last appeared on the show in early 2010 as part of the show’s 40th anniversary celebration. When she departed in 2005 (La Rue currently stars on “CSI: Miami”), Maria was headed to California to reconnect with her family.

Specific dates for La Rue’s run haven’t been set, but fans should see her on “AMC” again in mid-July. Until then, here’s a bit of La Rue on the show from 2005, as she tries in vain to save her husband Edmund’s (John Callahan) life.

Posted by:Rick Porter