“Lost” star Evangeline Lilly totally spoiled the ending of the series on “The Late Show with David Letterman” Monday night (May 10).

Now, there’s a chance she could have been joking when, in the clip above, she tells Letterman — who’s hoping, for logic’s sake, that it’s all a dream — that the show might all be a product of Jack (Matthew Fox) falling asleep while running through the forest.

“You’re hoping for the dream out?” she asks Letterman incredulously. “You’re the least imaginative person in North America!”

Lilly also says that “Lost” won’t have a “Sopranos”-like ending (echoing comments by executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse) and advises Letterman to check out one of the “millions” of blogs devoted to “Lost” (hey — we know of a good one) to get up to speed on how the show might end.

“Has somebody posited the correct theory?” Letterman wants to know. Busted! Lilly has to admit that “I’ve never looked at the blogs — I don’t know.”

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Posted by:Rick Porter