Evangeline Lilly has had some crappy in-air experiences. Not only did she play plane crash survivor Kate Austen on six seasons of ABC’s “Lost,” she also worked as a flight attendant for two (apparently miserable) months when she was 18.

Lilly stopped by “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on Monday (Oct. 3) to talk about her new baby, her role opposite Hugh Jackman in “Real Steel” (opening this weekend), playing an elf in Peter Jackson’s upcoming big-screen adaptation of “The Hobbit” and breaking wind in someone’s face on purpose.

That’s right.

“You deal with jerks all the time,” said Lilly, explaining why she wasn’t cut out to be a flight attendant. “People who are miserable.”

“One time there was this guy and I was really struggling that day because I had really bad gas and as a flight attendant you don’t let that go in a plane,” she said. “So this guy got under my skin to the point where finally I decided to save it all up.”

She continued: “And when I was walking past him and got to row 48 I let it rip right in his face.”

Stay classy, Evangeline.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson