everest jump live joby ogwyn jump team discovery 'Everest Jump Live': Joby Ogwyn introduces his jump teamWhen wingsuit jumper Joby Ogwyn jumps from Mount Everest in May 2014 in Discovery’s “Everest Jump Live,” he’ll have an accomplished team behind him.

Meet those key players in Zap2it‘s exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes of Ogwyn’s feat: his jump team. As he says in the clip, “What I’ve chosen to do is literally the hardest thing in the world to do.”

He continues, “As sophisticated and complicated and difficult as it actually is, I will apply the same method that I’ve applied to everything I’ve ever done before, which is break it down into sections … once you break it down into sections it becomes a little easier.”

In each of those sections is a man whose assistance will be crucial to Ogwyn’s success. “We are prepared to do whatever it takes to jump off that mountain,” he says.

Watch the clip below. “Everest Jump Live” will air on Discovery in May.

Posted by:Jean Bentley