channing tatum baby jenn dewan every tatum fb pic Everly Tatum baby photo: Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan share Father's Day pic

“White House Down” star Channing Tatum debuted the first baby photo of Everly Tatum, his newborn daughter with wife, “American Horror Story” star Jenna Dewan-Tatum. The acting couple welcomed their firstborn May 30 in London, where Channing was based while filming “Jupiter Ascending.”
Fans had not yet been given the opportunity to sneak a peek at the baby girl — who was arguably born into one of the most aesthetically pleasing gene pools in Hollywood — until now. Channing posted a photo to his Facebook page, along with the caption, “First Father’s Day with my girls!” The proud new dad also tagged new mom Jenna in the pic. She then took to Twitter to share a link to the photo, wiring, “First Father’s Day with our lil angel…” 
Production on Channing’s film moves to Chicago after London, and Jenna has a Lifetime series filming in Vancouver, so these happy parents are bound to be doing lots of traveling. And that “lil angel” is certain to be racking up the frequent flyer miles. 
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