evil-dead-tv-series-sdcc-sam-raimi-bruce-campbell.jpgSam Raimi made an unannounced appearance at Comic-Con Friday (July 25) for “The Last of Us,” a film adaptation of the video game that he’s producing.

His appearance, though, wasn’t the real surprise: During a question-and-answer session, Raimi said he’s been writing a script for a TV-series version of “The Evil Dead.”

Raimi didn’t elaborate, other than to say he’s working on the project with his brother Ivan, producing partner Rob Tapert and original “Evil Dead” star Bruce Campbell. (Campbell’s response on Twitter: “Huh.”) Despite the lack of details, though, the news has caused considerable excitement among Raimi’s fans.

And really, details will only muddy up the picture. For now, we can all conjure up our own ideas of what an “Evil Dead” series might look like. Share your thoughts on whether and how you’d like to see it happen in the comments.

Posted by:Rick Porter