american idol kara dioguardi tca getty 550 'Ex American Idol' judge Kara DioGuardi says her recent clash with TV reporters was 'hurtful'

Former “American Idol” judge, Kara DioGuardi, appeared in front of a room of television reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour to promote her new reality competition show for Bravo, “Platinum Hit.” In the end, her appearance generated the wrong kind of headlines after she refused to answer questions about her former TV gig.
“I thought it was out of place to be talking about ‘Idol’ when they were debuting their show,” DioGuardi tells Zap2it. “And the producer was there and [host/judge] Jewel was there. It just didn’t feel like the right forum.” 
As we reported, there were some people in the room who booed her for refusing to answer. Then, things escalated when one reporter yelled out, “You’re here, because of that show.” In response, DioGuardi defended her resume.
“I felt that was a little bit hurtful,” she says. “But I understand they’re just trying to do their job. But at the same time, I’m somebody who owns Arthouse and we have songs from our writers for Carrie Underwood and Flo Rida. Ari Levine is one of our writers and he’s up for seven Grammy noms. He co-wrote all the Bruno Mars stuff… That’s my company. I work at Warner Bros. I’ve sold many, many records, had a lot of hits. And I felt I needed to convey that and that I had the credentials to be on a songwriting competition.” 
She then adds, “I think what’s hurtful, too, is then you read, ‘Oh, DioGuardi’s a diva.’ I didn’t quite get that I was being a diva. I was really trying to be respectful to the people around me that were on that panel.”
DioGuardi says that her refusal to answer ‘Idol’ questions didn’t mean that she doesn’t cherish her time on the FOX show and she says that she learned a lot from the experience.
“I knew nothing about television,” she tells us. “And being around people like Ryan Seacrest, Simon Cowell, Randy [Jackson], and Ellen [DeGeneres] – it’s just you soak that in. And in a way, they became like mentors. Just the way you see them conduct their business or the way that Simon would take an audition and flip it like a producer and hone in one thing. The way that Randy had such a great character — he was so accessible with such humanity. You can feel him through the TV. You don’t just wake up being a television personality.”
At this point, DioGuardi can laugh about her clash with the reporters. “I am a songwriter,” she jokes. “I do get paid to be sensitive.”
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