angelina pivarnick engagement a hoax getty 'Jersey Shore's' Angelina isn't even Facebook friends with her 'fiance'?

There’s no telling what fame whores will do once they get a taste of it and need more. After all, Angelina Pivarnick did return to “Jersey Shore” for Season 2 only to get smacked down by her roomies and sent packing again. So, what should we make of her recent (and very public) engagement to David Kovacs?
According to, not much. The site’s sources say Angelina and David aren’t really engaged, but she’s going along with the publicity stunt, because she thinks it will score her a new reality show. And Kovacs proposed hoping that she may go back to “Jersey Shore” and it would automatically mean he’d be on the MTV show, as well.
Texts obtained by the website show Kovacs freaking out hours after the engagement and calling her a “bad evil person.” Why?
Angelina is apparently dating another guy in Staten Island. According to the sources, she wants to give the impression that she’s living in Manhattan and dating Kovacs, thinking it will increase her chances of scoring a reality deal. 
Even for fame whores, the idea of going through with a loveless marriage for publicity is a major undertaking. But, according to a source, they won’t go that far.
“They aren’t even friends on Facebook,” the source says. “The whole thing is weird.”
Posted by:Jethro Nededog