columbus short arrested Ex 'Scandal' star Columbus Short arrestedThe vacation is over for Columbus Short. TMZ reports the former “Scandal” star has been arrested and taken into custody in Van Nuys, CA (Aug. 21).

Short has had a warrant out for his arrest since he skipped town to go to Barbados, instead of showing up to his criminal domestic violence court case in July. Due to his absence, the warrant was issued and bail was set at $40K.

TMZ also reports Short missed an additional hearing earlier in the week, which caused the judge to increase the bail to $500K.

It appears the arrest is just one of the actor’s legal woes, as he missed a court appearance for his involvement in a bar fight, due to the whole being in jail thing and now reportedly has a second warrant out for his arrest awaiting him if he manages to get out of his current predicament.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins