expedition impossible 'Expedition Impossible' recap: Pain Is In The Mind. And Probably In Your Leg, Too.Previously: Ike of Somewhat Limited injured his ankle badly. Team Gay Angst got stumped on a relatively easy puzzle, but came from behind to survive. The Rednecks were eliminated. Six teams remain.

We start out with Ike being examined in an actual clinic, like, with chairs and stuff. He’s told the medical staff can’t rule out a fracture so they need to take an X-ray. Ike reminds us in voiceover he suffered a major fracture to that leg in his tour of duty in Afghanistan. Jeff is worried and says if he’s a betting man he bets Ike has a fracture. Good thing he didn’t wager. The X-ray reveals it’s not fractured, but there’s significant ligament damage. That’s not good. Some sprains are deemed worse than fractures, especially when it comes to ankles. Ike’s told this would be considered a race-stopping injury, but since he has expressed his desire to keep going, they’ll give him a cast. Ike asks if he could probably finish the race like that. Her response: “You could try…” Cross-dissolve transition into animated logo title screen.

It’s the next morning and birds are singing and whatnot in Morocco. At the overnight camp, Natalie is already at Somewhat Limited’s tent asking about the status of Ike’s ankle. He reveals it’s not broken. Football player Ricky says that nobody wants to see a team eliminated because of an injury. Back at the tent, Jeff asks Ike directly for a status report on whether he’ll be able to go or not. Ike says he’s good to go. One part of me cringes at the idea of Ike doing this because he’s been trained by our military to sacrifice himself for the bigger picture and another makes me sappily proud. Of course, Ike downplays it all, saying he’s gone through more difficult situations before. He had three combat tours as a soldier in the Army; he can handle a little sprain. The question is: Can we handle it — the drama?! Of note here, we catch a glimpse of Ike’s cast and it’s constructed in an odd way. He’s got sort of a heel jutting out from the bottom of the cast and a reinforced area from the ball of the foot forward.

Stage eight will be a two-day stage, Salmoni tells us and the assembled teams. He stops his usual spiel to ask Ike what’s up with his ankle. Ike tells him he’s ready to go. Salmoni: “I think I speak for everybody when I say we’re all glad you’re still in it.” Cut to AJ saying anyone who says they didn’t want Somewhat Limited to go home is a liar. First checkpoint is on the shore of Lake Bin El Ouidane, but to get there, teams will first have to rappel down the side of the kasbah. The checkpoint will be at the base of the lake with instructions to the overnight camp at Saddle Island. “Remember, be strong. Work together, and never give up,” Salmoni drones. The Moustaches get their usual head start. Gypsy John, his moustache flapping in the wind, talks about it being important to remember his team can be beaten because you never know what can happen. The Valley Girls and Somewhat Limited begin the stage next. Cali girl Brittany says the last stage was a highlight for her team because coming in third was their top finish thus far. Also, they are now the last all female team still standing, but she claims that’s not enough for them. They want to win. Conversely, Blind Guy Erik talks about having to be conservative about their expectations now Ike is injured. They’ll have to go at his pace. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Team Really Limited. Let’s give them a round of applause, please.

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