Ostrichcropped.jpgSyfy’s highest rated unscripted reality show “Face Off” returns on Wednesday, January 12th and we can’t wait to see what magical creations this season’s contestants come up with. We’re also excited to see where they go. Last year’s winner, Conor McCullagh just wrapped production on a little film called, “The Hunger Games.” Maybe you’ve heard of it?

There’s a hugely diverse group this year, including a toy designer, a sculptor, a tattoo artist and a high school teacher and contestants range from traditionally trained to self taught. But the real draw? The creatures they make.

This season, the group will have to re-imagine characters from “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” a waterproof sea creatures, bring phobias to life and build dinosaur/human hybrids. The show will again be hosted by Mckenzie Westmore, and judged by makeup artists Ve Neill, Glenn Hetrick and Patrick Tatopoulos.

Ladies and gentlemen, your “Face Off” Season 2 contestants are:

  • Athena Zhe – 25 – Resides in New York, NY; From Ukraine
  • Beki Ingram – 30 – Resides in Crestline, OH; Hometown Phoenix, AZ
  • Brea Joseph – 32 – San Diego, CA
  • Gerald “Jerry” Macaluso – 43 – Resides in Northridge, CA; Hometown is Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Greg Lightner – 35 – Resides in Pittsburgh, PA; Hometown is Coral Gables, Florida
  • Heather Henry – 33 – Dallas, TX
  • Ian Cromer – 22 – Resides in Staten Island, NY; Tampa, FL
  • Matt Valentine – 33 – Austin, TX
  • Miranda Jory – 21 – Resides in Los Angeles; Hometowns are Louisville, KY and Seattle, WA
  • Nicholas “Nix” Herrera – 31 – Orlando, FL
  • Rayce Bird – 29 – Shelley, Idaho
  • Sue Lee – 26 – Resides in Jersey City, NJ; Hometown is Long Island, NY
  • Tara Lang – 27 – Hometown is Littleton, CO; Resides West Hollywood, CA

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