face off mckenzie westmore michael westmore syfy 'Face Off' Season 7: McKenzie Westmore loves working with makeup master dad
Zap2it: How do you feel about the changes to “Face Off” for its current “Life and Death”-themed season?
McKenzie Westmore: From my standpoint, it always is fresh, if only because it’s a new challenge every week. Some challenges I like, some I’m not as crazy about … but it doesn’t matter, because we’re usually in some cool location around Los Angeles where there’s some awesome history. I’m such a history buff that for me, it’s always exciting.
Zap2it: Is having your father, Oscar-winning movie-makeup artist Michael Westmore, still on board as a mentor to “Face Off” contestants as much a thrill for you?
McKenzie Westmore: My dad, he is my heart. He is my best friend, as is my mom and my sister and my brother — we’re all so close. And my dad is just so darned adorable. He’ll call me and say, “Guess what? I was getting my oil changed in the car, and I got recognized!” He’s such a little kid about it.
He came to me for advice and asked, “Should I maybe start carrying head shots in the trunk of my car?” My mom just puts her hand to her forehead, and it’s too funny. They really need their own reality show.
Zap2it: Do you find the show’s judges also have gained such fame?
McKenzie Westmore: When we’re out together, many times — and I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s because I’m not in a dress or whatever — people will stop us, give me the camera phone and say, “Would you please take my picture with them?” And I’m like, “Sure.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin