faking it season 1 finale spoilers 'Faking It' Season 1 finale 'Burnt Toast' spoilers: A wedding, a dance sequence and tons of secrets “Faking It” bows on Tuesday (June 10) with its Season 1 finale, “Burnt Toast,” a fantastic episode that caps off an incredible freshman run (and one that netted a Season 2 renewal from MTV). After hiding her feelings for her best friend Karma (Katie Stevens) all season long, will Amy (Rita Volk) finally confess that she wants her “fake” relationship with Karma to be real?

Since Zap2it watched the episode early, and we know the “Karmy” army is dying to see the finale, here are a couple spoilers from the episode to hold you over until it airs at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV:

— “Burnt Toast” starts off with a hilarious nod to “Ghost” thanks to Karma and Liam (Gregg Sulkin), and even takes it one step further, with disastrous results. Leave it to Karma to play out all her fantasies in a very literal way.

— Amy and Lauren’s (Bailey Buntain) parents’ wedding is finally here! The night does not go off smoothly, as more than one party crasher arrives with romantic motivations.

— Amy and Karma perform one of the best dance sequences ever at the wedding that shows how they really do know (almost) everything about each other. “Karmy” fans will most definitely be rewatching this scene over and over again. Fun fact: Stevens and Volk actually worked with “So You Think You Can Dance” choreographer Neil Haskell to learn the fierce moves.

— Karma really should have helped Amy write her wedding toast.

— It’s a good thing MTV renewed “Faking It,” because the Season 1 finale ends on one of the biggest, most shocking and possibly polarizing cliffhangers ever. And that’s all we’ll say about that — trust us, you’ll want to see what happens with your own eyes.

— A (smaller) cliffhanger we can (kind of) reveal a little more about is Lauren’s big secret: Pill popping. Unfortunately, fans are going to have to wait until Season 2 to get the details on Lauren’s habit, since she’s not revealing exactly what pills she’s taking in the finale.

— Not really a spoiler or all that surprising, but Shane (Michael Willett) is on point with his one-liners and hilarious quips. He’s the MVP of the season, no doubt.

“Faking It” Season 1 finale airs Tuesday (June 10) at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. Be sure to head back to Zap2it after the episode airs for a post-mortem interview with Stevens and Volk.
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum