falling skies hal maggie ben love triangle 'Falling Skies' Season 4: Drew Roy teases 'complicated' love triangle with Maggie between brothers Hal and Ben The “Falling Skies” Season 4 premiere had a ton of surprises in store for fans, from new aliens to new locations to a time jump to the group being separated. After the Espheni attack in the beginning of the episode, everything changed.

Drew Roy knows that the Season 4 premiere seemed like an entirely new show, and warns that some even more surprising things are coming. “There’s a couple things about the first episode that seemed out of place, right?” Roy tells Zap2it. “In the beginning, things are peaceful and happy. But then we all get split up into these places that are so incredibly different. There’s the Shangri-La hippie camp which looks like a walking Gap commercial! That’s going to be really fun to get to watch the people stuck there, like Ben and Maggie.”

And those two characters are about to embark on a storyline that is perhaps the most surprising of all, considering the fact that Maggie has been Hal’s love interest for the entire series so far. “The first half of this season is all about the characters trying to find each other and in Hal’s mind, he’s doing everything he can to get back to not only his family and his brothers, but also to Maggie,” Roy says. “He thinks of her as family. They’ve grown so close over the past few seasons that it really has gotten to that place. But unbeknownst to Hal, there’s a little triangle being formed this season.”

So where is this competition for Maggie’s heart coming from? “For the first time, we’ll see Hal as not the guy that can just swoop in and get the girl,” Roy says. “We’re actually going to see him get pushed away and it’s done in a very complicated way in how the story unfolds because it’s by none other than his own brother, Ben. It’s not the first time he’s done such a thing. Remember that he had a thing for Karen as well, so it’s not the first time this has happened.”

Getting his girl stolen by his own younger brother? That’s clearly not going to sit well with Hal when he finally finds out what’s been going on in his absence. “Once we finally reunite everyone, we slowly realize that there is something going on, but it’s so complicated,” Roy says. “Obviously, Hal feels betrayed by both Maggie and Ben, but at the same time, he’s trying to be mature and not be catty about it. It’s tough on so many levels.”

Roy knows that some viewers aren’t going to like or jump on board with this new relationship right away. “When the storyline was presented to me, it really had me nervous,” Roy says. “But in playing it and working through it and how we shot it on set, I’m really happy with how it’s turned out. It leaves so much up to the viewers as to who you think is doing the right thing, who is doing the wrong thing, and different people will believe different things. That’s going to be a very juicy part of this season.”

“Falling Skies” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TNT.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum