falling skies2 320 'Falling Skies': The alien invasion won't happen on screenThe promos TNT is running for its forthcoming series “Falling Skies” feature several shots of an alien invasion that decimates the planet’s infrastructure and population.

But once the show actually premieres, you won’t see the invasion: “Falling Skies” is pretty much all about the aftermath.

“We wanted to create a promo for the show that sort of helps set the table for the audience to dive in and know right where they are at the beginning,” executive producer Darryl Frank said Thursday (Jan. 6) at the TV critics’ winter press tour. The “three or four shots” of the invasion, however, is about all you’ll see of it. Writer Robert Rodat and the other exec producers, including Steven Spielberg, decided to shift the focus to the survivors of the invasion.

“When we talked about it, we felt like that show [about an invasion] had been done, and we wanted to do something a little bit different,” says Michael Wright, head of programming at TNT. “Normally these shows end just after the invasion, and Steven’s notion was, What happens after? What happens to those people who happen to survive?”

(Frank says the show hasn’t ruled out using flashbacks to the invasion in the future, but they won’t really be part of the first season.)

Among those survivors: Noah Wyle (“ER”) as a history professor-turned-resistance fighter, Moon Bloodgood as a doctor, Will Patton as a fellow resistance fighter and Drew Roy (“Secretariat”) and Maxim Knight as Wyle’s sons.

You can see the trailer for the show here. It premieres in June.

For the record: An earlier version of this story attributed Wright’s quote to Justin Falvey, another executive producer of the series.

Posted by:Rick Porter