Survey says … “Family Feud” will return for a new season on Monday, Sept. 16 with host Steve Harvey. Based on the exclusive preview video posted here, the new season will be going more than a little crazy.

It all starts out nice and innocent with “a kiss.” But we are talking about male and female dogs here, so obviously, it’s not going to stay innocent. The second answer takes the show to that place.

When someone starts off with “I don’t know how to phrase this …” things are probably going to get weird. They get even weirder when the phraseology-ignorant person doesn’t pause before going with “… himself. Ruff!”

The good part about all of this? It’s rather entertaining when the increasingly embarrassed contestant has to keep describing what “doggie love” is, specifically. Fortunately for him, the special love between a male and a female dog did indeed make one of the survey’s top responses.

As is always the case, those competing will be members of families coming from all over the United States — auditions were held this year in Atlantic City, San Francisco, Austin, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Miami and Boston.

It’s not just normal families either. Later in the season, the families from “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” and “Cake Boss” will face off in support of favored charities. That should be interesting. Until then, however, “doggie love” answers from the normal families will do just fine.

Posted by:Laurel Brown