family guy the simpsons comic con 2014 'Family Guy' at Comic Con 2014: Matt Groening approves of'The Simpsons' crossover

Like “Family Guy” and “The Simpsons?” Then you’re probably going to love the upcoming crossover, at least if the fans in Ballroom 20 at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 who saw an extended sneak peek of “The Simpsons Guy” are to be believed.

The footage from the “Family Guy” Season 13 premiere included an epic Homer vs. Peter battle and lots of banter between the two casts, and is “Simpsons” creator Matt Groening approved.

In fact, Groening was there to watch the panel and even asked a question. Actually, three: “Do you have any advice for a young, struggling animator? What is Matt Groening really like? Can you kiss my ass a little bit more please?”

The panel, which featured cast and producers Steve Callaghan, Rich Appel, John Viener, Seth Green, Peter Shin and Mike Henry, did spend time praising Groening and thanking him for letting them use his characters. Here are a few more tidbits about Season 13 from their discussion:

– Upcoming episodes will feature Peter and the guys trying to get Jesus laid, Peter fighting Liam Neeson (who guest stars), Meg becoming a foot fetish model and Stewie becoming pregnant … with Brian’s baby.

– In addition to Neeson, other Season 13 guest stars include Jeff Garlin, Allison Janney, Joe Buck and Julie Bowen.

– There are plans for a “Family Guy” movie, which was actually in the works a few years ago, but are currently on hold. “Doing the television series takes so much time and effort but someday we will make that happen,” says Callaghan.

– Want to know who killed Brian? The writers didn’t actually decide who was driving the car that struck and killed the character but Green has an inkling: Justin Bieber. “It was Bieber!”

– Like the “Family Guy” “Star Wars” specials? Seth MacFarlane is a big “Star Trek” fan too and the creative team wants to do something similar with “Trek.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley