Are you a die-hard fan of Suzanne Collin’s young adult dystopian novel “The Hunger Games”? Well, if you are, prepare to either cry or suffer from a rage blackout from this fan-made short film, which depicts one the book’s saddest scenes — spoiler alert! — Rue’s death and Katniss’ touching tribute to her.

]]>John Lyde, who wants to use the piece as an audition for the two actresses portraying Katniss and Rue, Danielle Chuchran and Savanna Kylie Lewis for Lionsgate films’ adaptation of the novel. On the video’s YouTube page Lyde writes, “I am a big fan of the ‘Hunger Games’ books and am excited for the film from Lionsgate. I feel that several actors I know are talented enough to be involved with the feature film, so we did this short as an audition for them.” While the sound quality, costumes (pretty spot-on) and cinematography were shockingly good for a fan-made film, we can’t help but get a music video vibe from it. However, we do like the idea of unknowns for the film, but we’re more convinced by Lewis as Rue than Chuchran as Katniss. We buy the emotion and can understand why some people are losing their minds over this video, but we’re just not that into it. And don’t get us started on the voice-over at the end. We wish the best of luck to Chuchran and Lewis and may the odds be ever in their favor.

Posted by:tbricker