billy bob thornton fargo halloween costume 'Fargo's' Billy Bob Thornton dressed up as a ladybug for Halloween “Fargo’s” resident hitman Lorne Malvo might be one of the most evil and dangerous men to ever grace our TVs … besides Lester Nygaard, of course. So it’s pretty hard to imagine portrayer Billy Bob Thornton wearing a ladybug costume.

But that’s exactly what the “Fargo” star wore for Halloween last year, all for his nine-year-old daughter Bella.

“My daughter wants to be an entomologist, so everything is about insects like butterflies and caterpillars,” Thornton tells People. “Last Halloween she went as a monarch butterfly and I went as a ladybug. That doesn’t really look like me, but I did it. I strapped on the wings and everything.”

So during the “Fargo” season finale on Tuesday (June 17), when Lorne is sure to be doing something totally evil and scary, try to picture what he would have looked like on Halloween last year. That might make things a little easier to watch.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum